Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Pride

There are many WEIRD sources of pride in the world.  Over the past 6 years (the amount of time we've lived in the snow belt) my husband has pointed out that we Ohioans are VERY proud people.  This is saying a lot coming from a Texan, I must say.  He says we are all about ice cream and snow pride. 

I agree with the ice cream thing. I'm pretty sure (and Oprah agrees so it must be true) that we have the best ice cream in the world.  The fave brand here is Graeter's but there are two others that are quite compettitive, in my opinion.  Those brands include Jeni's and Handel's. 

More about ice cream in another post.

This one is about snow.  Yesterday Houston got 4 inches of snow.  I really don't know how they measured that since the ground was probably around 60ish degrees so it basically melted on impact.  It did snow enough that my 7 year old nephew was able to build a 2 foot snowman.  It sounds like it was the kind of snow that anyone NORTH of the Mason-Dixon line wouldn't even bother to put on snow boots.

Snow is such a big deal down there since it happens so rarely that every Texas Facebook friend had some picture or verbal posting about the snow.  Many schools called off and some businesses sent their workers home.  It's easy to laugh at this after enduring a 20 inch storm a few years but hey, that Texas snow (that melted in hours, mind you) was a big deal that might not happen again for years.  Who knows. 

My "snow pride" tells me those Southerners are big wusses but I bet I would have been out playing in that snow too if I lived down there. 

PS.  Sorry for the rambling...I should have gone to bed an hour ago.  I'm exhausted.

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