Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost and Found

It's a day like this when I thank my Good Lord above for my blog.  Buckle your seat belts, blogworld, because I'm about to vent.

Against my better judgement (but REALLY needing a workout since I skipped Saturday) I dragged my 3 to the athletic club.  The twins were excited to go but Little Dude was dragging his feet (both literally and figuratively).  We arrive and park as far away as humanly possible from the front of the building.

The twins fly out of the car and seemingly disappear into some portal in space.  Worried about Little Dude and his ginormous fit that he his throwing, I'm consumed with him.  I finally get his pants zipped and I refuse to zip his coat because I realize that the twins are long gone.  I try to rush Little Dude but anyone with a 3 year old knows that this is generally counterproductive.  He dug in his heels and would NOT move.  Keep in mind, it's 29 degrees outside and flurries are flying.

Somehow I finally convince Little Dude to move in a forward motion.  After who knows how long we arrive at the entrance of the building.  Right away there is a desk where a "professional" checks you in using a membership card.  I ask her, with a little bit of concern in my voice, "Did you see 2 five year olds run past here?"  "Nope" she answers flppantly.  A little more concerned, I say, "Are you sure you didn't see 2 five year olds run past here?"  "Nope" she says without a care in the world.  Just to clarify, I say, "So, you are telling me that 5 year olds did not come through here?"  NOPE was her answer, obviously annoyed by my tenacity.

Worry and dread crosses my face as I begin to rush toward the child center.  The woman behind me, sensing my urgency, says, "I'm sure they went to the child center".  At least she cared.  At least she was human.

The child center is in the very back of the building.  When I finally reached the Child Center (with Little Dude still moping along SLOWLY behind me) I found the Wondertwins hanging up their coats.  Relieved, I begin to tell the child care workers what happened.  They could not believe the lack of concern I received at the entrance.  Realizing that it wasn't just me, that this was an obvious oversight in humanity, I went back to the "professional" at the entrance.

I said to her, "Just so you know, my 5 year olds DID pass you".   Without a care in the world, she says, "Well, I didn't see them".  At this point I started to fume.  Wouldn't a normal person say, "Oh, I'm so glad you found your kids."  Or anything but how she chose to respond.  I then said, "Well, I was VERY worried when you said you didn't see them and that made me think that they didn't come in...that maybe something terrible had happened to them."  She says, "I just told you that I didn't see them".  REALLY??  REALLY?? Is this how a normal human responds?

Nothing could stop me at that point, after telling her that I didn't appreciate her attitude, I went straight to the Manager.  Telling him that this MUST happen on a daily basis, he responds with understanding and saying he would pull the "professional" from the front and put her on another duty after a "talk".  He then offered me free lunch for my kids and myself.

I didn't take him up on his lunch.  That wasn't my point.  Anyone with multiple children understands how easy it is to get separated from one while tending to another.  All this "professional" needed to do was offer me just a little bit of humanity.  A, "Gosh, I'm so sorry"  or "Can I call down to the child center and make sure they are down there" or "Wow, that must have been really scary". ANYTHING.  All she did was defend herself.

I don't want this girl to get fired or anything but goodness!  I think she would have been MORE concerned if I had told her I lost my earring.  She would have at least directed me toward the lost and found.

What the heck is going on in this world?


  1. Wow, I'd be livid. So glad everything turned out fine!

  2. thank you for saying that. I really was mad but then I felt like I was getting a little more emotional about it than I should. But really...what a moron. I knew my mom blog friends would understand.