Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Hat...

because I haven't beaten this topic to exhaustion yet.  Hubby still hates the hat.  Well, hate is a very strong word.  For a passive-aggressive like J, hate is not really in the vocabulary unless he's pushed to the brink.  Rare, really.  So, he's not a fan.  We'll put it that way. 
When he came home and saw my hat, he said, "So, it's back".   I told him it's snowing and as long as it's snowing I get to wear the hat if I so desire. I then told him that I'd gotten 4 compliments on the hat that day.

His response?  "Well, from women, right?"  Meaning no man would dare compliment a hat like that.

Ha!  Of course women.  I don't regularly take in compliments from men and I think hubby prefers it that way.

So, we go to dinner.  The hostess AND the waitress both told me how much they liked my hat.  J makes it a point to say that you'd expect that from a woman.  Then, on our way out a perfect female stranger threw out the nicest compliment regarding my choice of sombrero.  Take that, J.  Somebody (make that 7 Blogworld) likes my hat!  Ha!

And...I can't promise a shower every morning for the rest of the winter so this hat is my new best friend.

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