Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Plain Weird, Right?

Back to Facebook.  Seems like I blog about it a lot.  I have this one FB friend from high school who tends to write 9 out of 10 status updates about his wife.  He gets mushy about her or tells everyone else on Facebook about how much better his wife and/or marriage is than everyone elses.  It's quite odd...I think.

Not to pu pu on his marriage or love for his wife or anything but really.  I'd be so embarrassed if my husband was gushing on facebook about me.  I'd be devasted, actually.  I hid his status updates quite a while ago but somehow ended up on this page today.  Again, you guessed it. More gushing or bragging or whatever. It's just...I don't know. Kind of creepy.  Seems quite unlike him...or at least who he used to be. 

Anyway, weird.

Okay, and I had to add this.  My uncle just got on FB and that is strange enough in itself BUT he just put up pictures of some of his friends and titled it "BFFs".  Hmm...did I mention he's 60?  Weird.

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  1. Dude! By your 3rd sentence I knew exactly who you were talking about. The funny thing is I am pretty sure we were "friends" on FB when I first got on it, and as I read your post I realized I hadn't enjoyed one of his updates in a while. I searched thinking maybe I had hidden his updates, but we aren't "friends" anymore. I wonder whether he drove me nuts and I unfriended him, or whether I am too negative and he unfriended me.

    My husband haaaaaaates couples who post to or about each other on FB. I've done it to him a few times and he either ignores me or comments some smart-aleck thing back. I think that's not at all romantic, but then I didn't marry him for the romance I suppose!