Monday, March 2, 2009

I just had to post...

So the whole budget and stimulus crud is making me CRAZY. I think I've posted regarding this in the past. I live on a budget and I think my government should too.

The city of Columbus had cut their newest recruiting class of police officers who were just about to graduate from the academy. Before they even completed their training they were cut. Then Obama stepped in with stimulus money that allowed the city to reinstate the class and give them their jobs back. The news was all over this story and everyone was elated. Obama was the hero, saving the day.

Fast forward to today. The class of 23 is supposed to graduate on Friday. Guess who will be at the graduation? Yep, Obama. He is coming to Columbus (media photo shoot) to promote his stimulus package and show America the good behind the vast amounts of money (that we don't have and our kids will be paying back for years to come) that we are now showering upon America's cities.

Well, the local news just reported that it will cost the city OVER $100,000 dollars to cover the safety of the President while he graces our metropolis. Seriously? $100,000 dollars? That would cover 2-3 new recruit salaries for an entire year.
Mayor, please call the president and tell him we can not afford his presence...nor his presents for that matter.

On a side note, divorce lawyers are feeling the dip (or should I say nosedive) in the economy. Divorces are down by 39% on average. Really? 39%? Is this a cultural perk to a recession? That's a pretty good sign that things are bad when a couple can't even afford to get a divorce.

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