Monday, March 23, 2009

Winter is away and the mice will now play

Amazing. I've been begging friends to meet me to play (with my 3 children of course) all Winter long. Often I hear, "Uh, not today, I have laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning etc". I'm the person who will drop anything almost any time just to get out of the house. I really don't care how messy my house is or how dire the hunger is. We are ready to play, no matter what and no matter when. If you don't believe me, just stop by my house sometime and you'll see the spontaneous disarray I live in just to be social...that and I'd rather do anything than clean.

Anyway, my friends came out of the woodwork over the past few weeks. Since the thermometer has been flirting with 60 and 70, friends are calling, texting and facebooking. Everyone wants to play. Not only did they want to play today but they are making plans for all week long. Not that I'm complaining but where was everyone all Winter long? Crazy how weather affects a personality.

As much as I'm loving the Spring weather, I do have a tiny ( practically non-existent) longing inside for the darker days of Winter when I feel less pressure to accomplish as much. When the weather is good I feel like I need to be on the move, like I need to be outside enjoying the weather instead of loading the dishwasher. As social as I am, the realities of life do catch up with me and eventually it's time to dive into the responsibilities of life. I'm caught up on the laundry and we did finally finish tiling the shower in our lower level so I am getting a few things done. Unfortunately, I left washing the sheets til 8PM and now (11PM) they are still in the dryer. That means we can't go to bed til the sheets are dry. So sleepy.

Oh yea, it's gonna be 65 tomorrow. We're going to the Zoo baby!

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  1. I love the zoo! Especially the petting zoo part.

    There is an award for you over on my blog, if you would like to swing by and pick it up.