Monday, March 9, 2009

The Liberation of Women

On my way home today I was listening to Rush Limbaugh. I know, I know. Don't hate me. I like to be well rounded and informed by many different sources. You can't tell me Rush isn't entertaining...very full of himself but interesting.
Rush referred to an article in The Australian (obviously an Australian newspaper) that stated something like, "The washing machine has been more liberating for women than the pill."
First of all, very odd statement. Apples and oranges, right? Second, I was amazed by Rush's reaction. He was livid. He expressed that this was one of the more sexist statements that he's ever heard and how to even say this was an abomination to women.
Did I miss something? Is it sexist because it assumes that it is only the women of the home who do laundry? I'm sorry but in my home, that IS the case. Yes, J has been known to throw some clothes in once in a marriage or so but I do at least one to two loads a day, just to keep up.
When I lived in Mexico we had 2 choices. We could either take our clothes to the backyard where there was a laundry sink and board. Then we hung the clothes on the lines. The 2nd choice was to take the clothes into town where we dropped them off in a garage where 2 Mexican women did our cleaning. I think it cost a dollar per pound or so. It was a no-brainer for me as a care-free college student studying in Merida. Now that was liberating, I suppose.
Am I thankful for a washer and dryer? Heck ya! Could I live with out them? Maybe but it'd be tough...really tough. Could I live without the pill? Oh yea, and I have for 33 of my 35 years. I don't plan to ever touch that thing again. It wasn't liberating...more like mood shifting, or maybe even personality changing. I HATED that thing. Washer/Dryer or the Pill? Duh!
Take that Rush!

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