Saturday, March 7, 2009

To those of you with kids...

If you are in need of clothes for the Fall, get to a Children's Place Outlet immediately. I hit the Lodi Outlet (b/t Cleveland and Cincy) last weekend for just a few minutes. Long enough to get teased by all the great prices so 2 girlfriends and I headed to Jeffersonville today! I bought 16 things for $45. Mostly girl clothes mind you, but I did find a few very cute things for my son too.
I even found a few sales at the Polo Outlet but nothing to write home about...shouldn't that saying be officially changed to, "nothing to blog about?"
My only consolation to my Polo splurge is that I'll be able to sell them at the consignment sale for about half of the new purchase price. I RARELY buy anything Polo but the boys just look so cute when they wear preppy and innocent or something.
Spring ahead so I'm off to bed. We'll see if we make it to church tomorrow. Yikes!

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