Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boys and Underwear

Potty talk has taken over our home. I grew up with a sister. There was no potty talk...well, it was rare and it wasn't me. This whole raising boys thing is a new experience at every turn. After sucessfully potty training 3 children (well...maybe 2. Little dude pretty much potty trained himself)I thought potty talk was done. WRONG. My boys will not stop. Everything ends in poo-poo, pee-pee and other less presentable words. Besides potty talk, they are obsessed with their underwear. Yep, underwear. It's a big discussion (EVERYDAY) what the 5 year old and the (almost) 3 year old will wear for underwear. Some days it's Spidey, other days it's Hulk. Since Little Dude started dressing himself, he has been putting his underwear on backward. I didn't get it until he went streaking through my house on Saturday night in front of the guests. Our friend said their son does the same thing and it's because he wants to see the pictures on the underwear. Duh! Who the heck makes underwear and why would they put the pictures in the place where a toddler can't see them? It all makes perfect sense now. My Little Dude IS a genius. =) Dear Mr. Fruit of the Loom, you seriously dropped the ball, love a 3 yr old.

It's all about the underwear. Every morning Little Dude has a conversation with his underwear. Depending on what he wears he addresses them by saying, "Spiderman, me no pee-pee on ohh da-day!" Translation, "Spiderman, I won't urinate on you today." Spidey releases a sigh of relief and Little Dude puts on his underwear. I'm not sure but I think that little ritual trained my dude on the potty. Whatever it was, it worked. My twins trained on the same day. Girl Wondertwin trained in a matter of minutes with few accidents, even overnight. Boy Wondertwin trained off and on for a year after that with accidents every couple of months and the accidents would last for a week or two at a time. He's five and finally trained...although he's still wet at night...and still pretty excited about his underwear. So odd. Is this a boy thing?

With boy/girl twins I have the luxury of watching them develop side by side. It's interesting to see how alike they are in some ways, while drastically different in others. So far the underwear obsession has strictly been male...and limited to my little people, not my husband, thankfully. =) No Hulk for him! Although they do sell adult sized Underoos...that's for another blog.

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  1. My 3yr old doesn't seem to care about his underwear, but is of course interested in the actual act of going, hence the peeing right in his face in the bath the other night and detailing the look of his other bathroom duty. And the stuffed animals doing their duty be it on you, a toy, etc. Lovely.