Monday, March 30, 2009

My funny little evangelist

Today was our play-based assessment at our soon to be elementary school. It was 45 minutes. 6 kids, 3 teachers, a school nurse and a principal. The parents were sequestered in the principal's office receiving information from the PTA president.
From what I could tell, the kids read a book, cut things out with scissors, and drew letters and numbers. I think they even did some math.

I received more paperwork than I knew what to do with and proceded to fill it out in duplicate for each twin.

After receiving good news from the nurse that they both passed the hearing/sight screenings, we were on our way. The school secretary (I think) was holding the door as we exited the school. My boy twin turns to the kind woman and says, "You have a cross on your neck." The secretary said, "You are right!" He then says, "You know, Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins."
The woman hesitated, wondering how to respond in this public school. I jumped in and said, "He's my little evangelist."
We quickly left the school and hoped he isn't remembered as the weird kid. You just never know what a child will say and to whom he will say it. At least he knows what he believes. =)


  1. That's really neat. I hope I can teach my son as well.

  2. That is actually vey sweet! :)

    It is true however that kids say the oddest things and at the worst possible times.
    Do you remember being a teenager and wondering if your parents' sole purpose in life was to humiliate you?

    I am now under the impression that it would be more accurately described as retribution.

  3. Viv, that's so funny and you are so right. And I can't wait. =)