Saturday, March 14, 2009

Only in NYC

Okay, I'm sure every tourist sees a few things on their Big Apple Adventure that might only happen here. Well, today there were a few.
First, we were walking down toward Grand Central Station from the United Nations when we heard more cars honking than we've heard in our lives. It is New York, but jyeesh! We walk a half block farther to find one of those doubledecker red buses. It was STUCK underneath an overpass. Yep, stuck. The tourists had already exited the bus and emergency vehicles were arriving as we walked up.
We asked a police officer (who was laughing at the whole situation by the way) how often this happens. He promptly replied, "It doesn't." Just for us. In case you are curious, they had to deflate the tires of the double decker bus and then push it out from under the bridge. In the driver's defense (a weak one at that) there was an extra shelter on the top layer of the bus today to shield the passengers from the open-air level of the bus, although it seems like he'd be used to that. It is March. =)
2nd, we were traveling from Greenwich Village to Midtown around 10PM. We were seated across from a woman who was laying horizontally on a bench that should have seated 3 bottoms. After further inspection, it became apparent that she was drunk or high, or both. At the next stop a disabled woman got on the train and attempted to sit on the legs of the heavily impaired woman. A war then ensued between these 2 women while J and I sat helplessly watching the whole thing. Fortunately the drunk woman was too high to do anything substantial and the disabled woman was too disabled to cause much damage either.
Free entertainment in the city that never sleeps. Just jump on a train.

As far as what we did today:
1. United Nations
2. Grand Central Station
3. Time Square by Day
4. Rockefeller Plaza...NBC, NewsCorp
5. Saks 5th Ave
6. Zara (ah yea!!!)
7. Tiffany's...where I saw a 2.3 million dollar pair of earrings.
8. American Girl Store (no, I didn't buy anything)
9. Trump Tower
10. Carnegie Hall
11. Central Park
12. Lunch at Rock Center
13. Ice skating ice skating for us tho.
14. Columbia University
15. The Dakota...where John Lennon was shot.
16. St. Patricks Cathedral
17. St. John the Divine
18. President U.S. Grant's tomb
19. Dinner at Tom's Restaurant (from Seinfeld)
20. Time Square by Night (totally different than by day)
21. Greenwich Village (lots of drunk people there btw)
22. Pinkberry (YUM!!!!)
23. Back to Midtown to update the blog.

We were out on the town over 10 hours...time for bed! =)

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