Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I was just on this twin blog. Currently it's full of posts from guest bloggers trying to earn a spot as a writer for this blog. Each blog post was full of familiar experiences that most moms and all multiple moms can relate to. Anyway, one post I read was regarding the double stroller...well, many of the posts were about the double stroller. It brought me back to one of my first outings with the twins.

At the time, my best friend lived in town. She had a 3 year old and a 15 month old while being pregnant. She was great at pursuing me during those first months with the twins. All I wanted to do is crawl back in bed but Jen made sure I was out and about as much as possible. Anyway, she talks me into loading the twins up and taking them to the zoo. Keep in mind the twins were 1 month old at the time. They could barely focus a foot in front of them much less see the gorillas.

I had no problem getting the stroller out of the car and we tooled around the zoo seeing more than my post pregnancy, c-section recovering body could handle. I remember Jen and I packing up our cars and for some reason, she must have been in a hurry b/c she pulled away. I had the twins in their infant seats and snapped into their bases but then I was left with that big, honkin' stroller. Sweat beaded on my forhead as I realized that I'd never closed the stroller by myself before. Panic struck as I tried a million different ways, trying to get that thing into my Honda Accord. I even tried to get it in the back seat without folding it. You know that didn't work. I can't even explain to you how I felt at that moment.

By God's grace, a man came by who clearly had multiples...or at least children who were close in age. He could see my dilemma. He came right over to me, pushed a few (well hidden) buttons and had the thing closed in seconds. I could have kissed him..I didn't of course. Oh the panic.

Every new mom can tell a story like this one, I'm sure. In fact, if someone asked me to close a double stroller today, I'd probably endure the same fate.

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