Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's not an obsession but...

Has anyone noticed that the promos now for J&K plus 8 have the song, "..am everyday people" because everyday people have a gigantic bus with a driver at their beckon call. Hmm. Just an observation.

UPDATE CORRECTION: The everyday people song is for TLC in general, not just J&K. FYI. I feel better now.

I was an interpersonal communication major and I tell ya, this whole thing has me intrigued. I paid very little attention to this show until the most recent hoopla. I have to admit, all the "hubbub" (as one friend called it) as me hooked. I'm so consumed with figuring out how something could go so wrong so quickly. I'm convinced that money and fame are the root but Wow. I'm still intrigued.


  1. Oh goody...I'm so glad you posted about this. When I caught a glimpse of Jon's "other new car" last night, I thought about you and the past conversation about the show.

  2. At first I thought it was staged just to boost ratings. Not so much now. I am sure the money has something to do with it.