Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Best Gift

Someone has offered to take my kids from me. Can you imagine a better gift? My husband and I have been juggling kids all week long because for some reason I volunteered to help at VBS. We have a drop-off VBS for kids ages 6-12 and a parent/family attended one from birth-age 5.

When I signed up to work the VBS store, I assumed that my mom could help 3 days and my hubby could help two. Well, my mom decided to take a trip this week so she was only available one day. My poor hubby. Anyway, he had the kids two days, my mom had them today and thankfully, the church agreed to take Little Dude in the nursery while the twins attend the Kindergarten VBS (one year premature but hey, they will pass for having finished K, right?) I told them NO thumb-sucking because 6 year olds don't suck fingers and they will get kicked out. Girl Wondertwin proudly announced that she did not suck anything in front of any 6 year olds!

If someone would have told me that they would take my kids ALL week, I would have volunteered morning, noon and night! I'm gonna have some fun TH and F! Can't beat this VBS thing. Get this, I get to have adult conversations for the next 2 days without juvenile interruption. I love it!

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