Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...or maybe not so much.

We collected the kids and headed to church. It was a successful morning in that we arrived somewhat on time and enjoyed a nice service. We left the church in order to have Father's Day lunch at the Pig Iron, J's favorite restaurant. With all the traffic detours and construction going on, it took us FOREVER to get there. We pull in the parking lot, only to find that it didn't open for 40 more minutes!

We got back in the car en route for Chili's, J's 2nd favorite restaurant. We'd been in the car so long, at this point, that one of the kids asked if we were on our way to TEXAS. Ugh! After more traffic issues, detours and construction, we arrive at Chili's. 2 kids were in their emergency pee-pee stance, needing a bathroom at this stage. We run in to Chili's and go straight to the bathroom. Fortunately we have 1 girl and 2 boys so I always get the easier end of this deal, even on Father's Day. My daughter and I arrived at our table a full 5 minutes before the boys. Apparently Little Dude was disciplined 6 TIMES in the bathroom. I didn't ask what he did.

After sitting at the table for 5 minutes, Little Dude has to go AGAIN. He asked "DadYee" to take him but I stood up. It's Father's Day. J deserves a peaceful lunch. As if on cue, Little Dude begins SCREAMING, "NO, me go to boys womb wit DadYee" repeatedly, over and over. I picked him up, kicking and screaming, and dragged him to the "gull's womb".

Another 5 full minutes passed of screaming, followed by discipline before he finally did his business. We finally return to the table, 10 minutes later. I sit down to take a few more bites of food when my daughter announces that she is in yet ANOTHER emergency situation where she needs a bathroom immediately. I'm at my wit's end at this point and J is more than ready to go home.

I finally threatened her saying she will NOT go to the church carnival tonight unless she finishes her dinner before the next trip to the restroom. Somehow I finished my sandwich in the midst of all of this and I took the twins to the bathroom. Little Dude begged to come but I made him stay with "DadYee". Grr.

Anyway, it wasn't the lunch I had imagined and Daddy walked away bitter and dismayed. When will it be exactly that we can sit down at a restaurant for a decent meal? I'm not even asking for a fancy dinner. We're talking Chili's here. Also, I'm requesting a booth near the bathrooms next time.

Happy Father's Day, all and especially to DadYee!

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  1. You did better than I did. I made my hubby grill his own Father's Day dinner.