Thursday, June 11, 2009

America's Best Selling Car

Okay, so this news isn't original. It's on NPR, NBC and many other news outlets. It cracked me up though so I had to post this.

With all the issues American car companies are having recently, guess which car is the best selling car in America? Yes, the one and only Cozy Coupe. Most families with children have had this little bugger in their garage at one time or another. The Ohio based company sells 450,000 plus Cozy Coupes per year. Granted the color choices are red/yellow and there is no leather option. Nor is there need for the use of gasoline.

So maybe the Cozy Coupe isn't the world's best response to gasoline shortages but wouldn't life be interesting if we all drove Cozy Coupes? It may become reality if American car companies keep going in the direction they are currently.

Bring on the Cozy Coupe!

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