Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Twits

Today my lovely boys locked me out of my house. It's 90 some degrees here in the Buckeye state. Not a big deal for you Southerners but it's freaking HOT by MidWest standards.
I was unloading groceries (oh, how I loathe the grocery store) when I approached the door with my hands completely full, only to find the door was LOCKED (a door I don't have a key for, btw). I was fuming. My daughter was with me as she was helping with the unloading process. We both POUNDED on the door for more than 5 minutes. Giving up, I found my keys and went to the front door. There was hades to pay when I finally got inside. I was livid.
After getting the whole story, I determined that it was Little Dude who locked the door but Boy Wondertwin didn't even bother to come down and unlock the door. I'm still fuming. It's a bazillion degrees outside, my hands are full and I'm left to kick the door a million times, hoping someone will have mercy on me.
Who knows what my neighbors thought. I must have appeared to have lost my marbles. I don't even want to know but I'm pretty sure they are used to these antics around here!

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