Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another thing I've learned...

I'm learning a lot this week. It's amazing how much time I can have for myself when it's only me and Little Dude. I stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond for some mattress pads. The woman ahead of me pulled out (I'm not kidding) 12 of those coupons that BB&B sends out on a weekly basis. Her total savings was over $50. Granted, she spent a lot of money to save that $50 but it's nothing to sneeze at.

Those coupons can be piled on top of eachother AND they never expire. There IS an expiration date but apparently it's just for show. After I watched the lady fork over coupon after coupon (many of which were expired), I dug into my coupon organizer and busted out an expired $10 off of $30. It worked. What a deal.

Just FYI.

Also, if you have some fancy way for organizing coupons, pass on your ideas. I'm starting to use those crazy CVS bucks and other such ways to get "free" things, as they say. With the kids heading to school, I might actually be able to go to the grocery with a list, coupons AND save some money. High expectations abound.

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