Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another day...

The hooligans' hideous behavior has continued for yet another day. Somehow I still treat them to the pool. What's wrong with me? Today, I put all 3 of them down for a nap because they were exhausted. After 30 minutes of drinks and bathroom stops, I thought they were down. I turned on my noisy fan and began to read (The Book Thief...not sure if I recommend it yet.) Anyway, one twin snuck into the other's room to entice. She talked him into sneaking out of the house and onto the playset.

Glancing up from my book in my bedroom, I notice that Girl Wondertwin's bedroom door is ajar. Never a good sign at naptime. I check downstairs and began to panic. No GWT anywhere. I peeked out in the backyard to find not one but two twins on the playset. Yep, there was hades to pay.

Each was sent to his/her room for the rest of naptime and forced to eat both their broccoli AND their carrots for dinner. Grr.

It's like they are all about pushing the envelope. Now, my kids are NEVER perfect but generally they have a healthy respect for my evil twin who peers her ugly head when they misbehave. Lately though they are testing and testing. Is this a sign of things to come? Kindergarten is just 2 months away...

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  1. I am cracking up!! So naughty! And yet I can completely relate to them pushing the envelope and suddenly doing things they normally wouldn't risk. Ugh.