Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 Calorie Packs

I don't know when these things swept the nation but I'm guessing they have been around a while. I've always shy'd away from these in the past because they are EXPENSIVE. Recently I've been buying them at Costco as pool/park snacks. I found pita chips in 100 calorie packs during yesterday's peaceful trip, and since my entire family LOVES pita chips, I bought them.

I busted out a pack for my post lunch snack. I couldn't believe how small the pack was or how little made up 100 calories. (So deceptive since they brag how healthy they are...baked, sea salt etc). Turns out I've been eating more like 500 calories when I buy the big pita chip bags at Costco (note: they are way cheaper at Costco than Whole Foods or Trader Joe's).

Moral of the story, even though the 100 calorie packs might seem like a rip-off, my waistline might be thanking me in the future. Something to chew to speak.

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