Friday, June 26, 2009

Holy Calories Batman

While I've been trying to save in my pocket book, I've been explanding my waistline. Today was absurd. I went to Panera for breakfast with some friends since 2/3 of my children were at VBS. I had a gift card so I didn't spend any money but I did eat a whole grain bagel and lite cream cheese. Not bad, I thought. I just looked it up and I consumed 440 calories, just for a tiny breakfast! What?

Off to lunch to meet my mom while the twins were in Safety City. With all this raving about 5Guys, I just had to check it out. We ordered the Little burger with everything as well as a side of fries. Turns out I consumed 900-1200 calories in one sitting with the 5Guys! This isn't a review on 5Guys or anything but I wasn't all that impressed. It was CRAZY crowded and the choices were limited. If you are single and looking for a man though, it might be the place you want to spend every lunch. There was a heavy amount of testostorone in that place!

Because I had a few minutes to burn (and a gift card) I ran through the Wendy's Drive thru where I ordered a Wendy's Frosty-cino. Oh, these things are delish! I highly recommend that one. Yum. Beware tho, 390 calories. Oops.

Grand total: I consumed over 1800 calories by 1:30PM. And it was that easy. Guess I'll be exercising a lot while on my little vacay to Lake Erie this weekend!

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