Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Scolding

As a parent, I'm all about discipline. Everywhere I turn there is a child to reprimand. Well, today I watched my husband be schooled by an very old and very grumpy man.

It was a kid-less day for the two of us. Those are rare but when we get one, we try to live it to it's fullest. Today we were given free tickets to the Memorial Golf Tournament. Not only did we get free badges, but we also got free passes to the Experience Columbus hospitality tent where we were treated to free food and drinks (all we can eat/drink) all day long. Fabulous.

We arrived just in time for lunch to be served. We were the 3rd and 4th in line. I love that. It means no one has touched the serving spoons yet. Sorry. I'm somewhat of a germaphobe. =) So we ate and drank. Finally we remembered we were there to see golf so we entered the greens. Our tent was located on the 3rd Fairway so after going through security, we went straight to the 3rd hole to wait on Tiger Woods and Ben Curtis. After watching for about 30 minutes we were in dreadful need of a bathroom and more water.

We returned to our tent for more goodies (at least a week's worth of calories) and spent about an hour there. When we heard an uproar from the crowd on the 3rd hole we decided we should get back out there. This time we decided to walk a few holes to see what we were missing. After spending quite a bit of time out among the people, we realized that Tiger Woods would be finishing the course soon. We high tailed it up to the 18th hole to finish off the tournament. Since most people follow Tiger (or Ben Curtis in this town since he's a homeboy) we had to fight the crowds to get a front row spot to see the end. We did just that. With a perfect spot to watch the 18th hole, J pulled out his cell phone to check the time. Much to his chagrin, a very old and GRUMPY man turned to him and said gruffly, "You have 2 choices son. You can either turn that off right now or I will take it from you." J responds, "Are you serious?" (not the best response, mind you.)

This really ticked the old guy off. He proceeds to lecture J on the rules printed on our tournament badges (that happened to be covered by a HUGE sticker that got us into our hospitality tent.) Under the sticker it said "No CAMERAS, CELL PHONES or PAGERS on COURSE". Oops. So we missed that part. The humorous part was that Scrooge would not drop it. He continued for 5 whole minutes (even though we're at a golf tournament...hello! SHH!!! No talking!) to tell J how he should know the rules, how EVERYONE knows that there are no phones allowed on the course.

Whatever. I saw phones everywhere I turned. I'm pretty sure that this one week a year is the only time this grumpazoid has any authority whatsoever and he takes his job (or volunteer job as the case may be) mega seriously. It's just a crazy odd feeling to be disciplined at this stage of life. You get that feeling at the pit of your know, the one your 4th grade teacher gave you when she caught you whispering to your neighbor in class?


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