Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ah Yea!

Down another 1/2 pound today...or really a pound from my initial post yesterday!  Tomorrow (hopefully!!!) I will dip down into new numbers!  That will mean that I've dropped over 10 pounds.  This is fun!

I just had lunch and it was grilled chicken strips and 10 grape tomatoes.  I used Everyday Seasonings from Trader Joes and some sea salt.  Have I mentioned how much I love sea salt?  That stuff is GOOD!

It's day 14 and I have 10 days left.  Not sure if 5 more pounds is doable in that time period but it sounds like a great goal to me.  Today I just put on the maid of honor dress that I wore in my best friend's 1996!  Yes!  Again, the damage done by my twins is evident to me but it's funny how clothes tend to hide all of that.

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks now!  I have 7 more days on the drops and then 3 without.  Day 25 I will venture into an unknown world...that of 1200-1500 calories and EVERYTHING except sugar and starch.  Okay so I know that rules MANY things out but I can do it after the past 2 weeks!!!  I can do anything.

Update:  So I might have had a few bites of organic mac and cheese today.  It just looked so yummy and oh, how I've missed cheese and pasta.  It was SOOO good and even if I don't lose tomorrow it will have been worth it.  Yum, it tasted good.

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