Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 16!!!

I didn't post yesterday.  Sorry.  I haven't fallen off the wagon, I promise.  I'm officially down more than 10 pounds in 15 full days!  Yay!  The past 4 days have been a bit up and down.  Down overall but since my scale doesn't measure in .2 of a pound I can't know for sure.  It's been a little discouraging because it's nice to see those full pound drops.  I've seen that lower number in the "tens" section of my weight once but it might have been a fluke because of my cruddy scale.  Either way I'm a half pound away from new territory.  Bummer is that it's the 4th of July weekend and here in my town it might as well be Christmas.  We do up the 4th like no other.

I LOVE the 4th of July and totally look forward to the catered fireworks we are attending tonight, party at the pool tomorrow and neighborhood cookouts the 2 days after that.  It's going to be tough to stick to the plan.  I wish I had the resolve to tell you that I'm going to be "good" but I'm already tempted and I haven't even gotten to the first party yet.  If I do cheat (look...I"m already setting myself up to fail!!!) I plan to stay on the protocol a few days longer than the 21 I had planned for.  The protocol prescribes 21 straight days of no cheats taking drops 3 times per day.  I might be able to get away with a bite or two...Oh, what am I saying?  I'm going to try hard...pray for me!

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