Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 23 is my fave so far!!!

Yep!  Lowest point yet!  I'm down 13.5 pounds.  The strangest thing?  Most people are not noticing...or at least commenting.  Isn't that amazing that someone can lose 13.5 pounds and no one notices?  Does that mean you can GAIN 13.5 pounds and no one notices? Scary, my friends.  Scary.


  1. I feel horrible! I've been keeping up with your weight loss every day but have been so busy with life haven't even thought to comment! I'm so sorry!

    WAY TO GO! I'm SO impressed, you are doing an amazing, awesome job!

  2. Maybe people are worried you'll be offended, or something. I sometimes feel nervous commenting on someone's weight loss, because I worry I'll make them feel like they looked bad before or something.

  3. Jen, I think you are right. It's like the whole pregnancy thing. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Best not to say a word! =) And no, I'm not!