Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Day 17 and...

I cheated again!  Ugh!  It wasn't pancakes or mac & cheese this time.  Through hubby's work we were invited to a catered party downtown to watch the biggest fireworks fest in the Midwest.  They had the yummiest food and not one drop of it fit into my protocol.  Dang it!  I had already eaten most of my daily allotment but I still lacked my veggies and fruit.  So...I ate the salad.  After tasting it though I realized it had an oily (yet yummy) vinaigrette.  Did I stop after just one bite?  That would be a big fat NO.

Since I'd already ruined the day I had some hummus, bread and maybe a few bites of chocolate chip cookie.

What I have learned from all of this?  I have very little willpower and this is not easy!

Today I should be okay but tomorrow we have 4 parties and a parade.  Monday we have a few more parties and more delicious food to tempt me.  I've got to get my act in gear though.  I have 5 full days in front of me with 3 non drop days.  Then on to the maintenance phase.  I have the option of extending my time.  The minimum amount of time on the drops is 21 days but the max is 40 I have the willpower? 

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