Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 18 and...

I'm still paying the price for my indiscretion on Friday night.  A catered party, amazing food and drinks...fireworks?  I'm not made of steel people.  Yesterday I did well.  We went to a party and I was not the least bit tempted.  Not one ounce!  Today our kids were in the parade and we hit the pool for a spell. We're about to go to 3 more parties and then fireworks!!  I can hold out.  And here is why.

I'm extending a few more days on to the regimen so I can lose 5 more pounds.  This will give me a little cushion in case things go a little haywire.  I'm supposed to finish out on Wednesday but instead I might finish on Sunday with 3 days of "detox" afterward.  I'll keep you posted.  Let's see how much willpower I have and what I can lose over the next several days.

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  1. I'm desperate to hear all the details on this. Did you get all of their shampoo/lotion/sunscreen/cosmetics? Are you using normal stuff? TALK TO ME! Because my stress eating over the last month hasn't been a great thing...