Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silly Bandz Update

Trendy trends.  There a part of life.  Remember friendship pins?  Cabbage Patch dolls? Jelly bracelets and shoes?  Painters pants and parachute pants?  These trends are so fun as a kid but not so much when you're the mom.  These Silly Bandz are trying to kill me.

After being introduced to these little jobbers at school, my kids have brought them home and been obsessed ever since.  I'll take a picture for a visual representation but I'll tell you now, my daughter has them going all the way up one arm and down the other.  I did not buy one of these for her.  Most she swindled off of her friends and 24 of them she purchased with her $5 she got for dog sitting.

Are your kids fighting over these silly things too?  The good thing (I guess...because I'm always the the optimistic kind of girl) is that the kids are building their negotiation skills.  I don't know what that says about Girl Wondertwin's future ability to succeed in business but hey, as long as mom survives the Silly Bandz trend, they can't hurt anyone right?  I just wish I had come up with them. That dude better invest that money well.  Any bets on how long this trend will last?

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