Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

You take it all and there you have...the Facts of Life, the facts of life...
Okay, now that song will be in my brain all day.  Where did that come from anyway?  My friend ran into "Blair" at a local Starbucks a few months ago.  She was in town for the Women of Faith conference.  What a star siting.

So, why am I humming the Facts of Life tune?  Hmm...well, the scale went up today.  Yes, up.

Bitter is all I have to say about that.  I'm trying to live by the first lines of my inspired 80's sitcom by taking the bad with the good. Seriously.  I'm down 9 pounds.  I should be over the moon.  (Sticking with absurd phrases, just for fun).  Really.  That should be a happy thing.

I'm looking over yesterday and trying to figure out what would have brought me up.  I promise, I didn't cheat.  I wanted to.  My mom brought Oreos AND those awesome store bought icing cookies.  I wanted an oreo more than I wanted my left arm but I resisted.  It really wasn't that hard to walk away.

I have a few theories on my 1/2 pound gain.  First, I have the crappiest scale on the planet.  It could be lying to me.  Second, I forgot my HCG drops at 2PM yesterday.  I was knee deep in First Grade VBS.  Third, it could be my cheat from 3 days ago catching up with me.  I really have no idea.  I'm not concerned and so far I'm not really phased by the "gain".  It appears to be a 1/2 pound on my scale but in reality it could be .02ish.

Time to roll with the punches and pop this circus tent.

UPDATE:  Weighed myself again at 9:30am EST and I was down a 1/2 pound.  That would put me at yesterday morning's weight.  That means no gain or loss. Weird.  My scale stinks.

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