Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good thing you know me in Blogworld...

Because I'm a terrible phone person.  I've noticed people are one or the other.  Phone or Virtual.  I am all about the virtual.  Not sure when I made my way from the chatty teenager with a phone surgically attached to my ear to a computer toting fool but it happened.  I DREAD the phone.  For 12 plus years I had a cell and generally had NO CLUE where it was most of the time.  I still have a hard time tracking it from time to time but now that it connects to the virtual world (Smart Phone...not always the smartest though I am finding out) I'm WAY better at finding it.

If you know me in the real world you probably hate this about me.  I understand. Fully.  When you want to talk to someone you WANT TO TALK TO THEM, not their voicemail.  But here's a message to you phone people out there.  There are BETTER (read: more efficient) forms of communication out there.  Hello...TWITTER, EMAIL, FACEBOOK, TEXT.  I'm not asking a lot.  Communicate with me in one of these forms and you will hear from me prontito.  Call me?  Don't expect a return call.  You'll get a text within seconds I can almost guarantee...or at least a returned email faster than Lightening McQueen can say "KaPow-KaChow"!

Seriously phone people...let's take a step into the 21st century.  Not that the phone isn't a essential tool in today's society but it's not the only one in your box.  Work with us virtual people...I'm really phone inept and especially if you call during Glee...I'm NOT going to answer nor will I return your call that evening. Sorry.  I just don't roll like that.  And really.  Pretend we're back in the dormitory days and leave a note on my door if you're that computer illiterate.  Even my mom can text.

So Blogworld, which one are You?

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