Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Darn Scale

I might have the cruddiest scale on the planet.  I've known this for a really long time.  Every time I set it in a different part of the house it tells me a different weight.  Generally I put it in the place that gives me the most favorable response of course.  This time I had hubby (who weighs himself at the gym public, oh the horror!) find the place that was the most accurate as opposed to the most flattering.

Anyway this dang scale is telling me that I've lost 5.5 pounds in 6 days.  And no, I haven't moved it to make my numbers look better.

Last night I saw my friend's mom at Vacation Bible School.  The mom told my friend, "Wow, there is really something different about KP.  She looks so nice tonight."  My friend responded, "Oh, she got her hair cut today."  The mom said, "Oh, that must be it".

I'm going to pretend she noticed my 5.5 lost pounds.  (And even my hubby didn't notice the haircut!)

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