Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beginning of Day 4

After 72 hours of this craziness I've lost 4 pounds.  4 pounds in 3 days.  Outside of pregnancy I've never seen 4 pounds lost in a month let alone in 3 days.  Keep in mind I've never dieted.  So far this protocol is doing it's job and I'm doing mine.  It really hasn't been painful.

I messed up last night though.  Since you can only have tea, water and coffee on this thing, I've been loading on stevia packed caffeine.  Last night I was up til 4AM.  Ugh!  Sleep is a major part of this as well.  It's essential that the body has 8 hours to fully recover from the day.  (Hmm...good luck, right?)  My body is not a fan of caffeine and therefore I'll be switching to de-caf.  Good idea but the problem with that is even decaf tea has a little bit in it. I'm just going to have to cut out everything but water after 4PM.

Besides surviving on 4 hours of sleep and eating 500 calories, it's Father's Day and time to pamper the father in my family!  Happy Father's Day to All and I will be providing details regarding this protocol in future blog posts.  Have a great day!

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