Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of Day 3

Do I've survived 72 straight hours...hey wait...80 hours really since I stopped my binge at 10pm-ish.

So, wanna know what I ate today??? won't take long to list.

3.5 ounces of steak
4 glasses of tea with stevia
4 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee with stevia, chocolate & vanilla stevia drops
1 large tomato with sea salt
4 pieces of asparagus (pieces??? uh...stalks?)
1-2 strawberries
3.5 ounces of tilapia
More water.

Yep.  That was my day.  We'll see what the scale has to say tomorrow.

Today was my toughest of the 3.  Not sure why.  I was very tired.  I think it could be because I took a very long walk last night.  90 minutes!  I didn't mean to walk that long but a friend and I are big talkers and we just talked and walked.  It goes against this particular protocol to exercise very hard.  30 minute walks are encouraged.  Pretty sure 90 minutes can do more damage than evidenced today.  I'm done with big workouts although I do plan to get some exercise.  Light weight lifting and grocery shopping. I think I can handle that.  Speaking of grocery shopping, GREAT deals tonight at Target, Walgreens and Meijer.  Those are posted at when I get a chance.

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