Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Day 3

Okay, so yesterday I said it was day 4 and technically I guess it was but the first 2 days were gorging days. Yes, you read that right.  A protocol that includes gorging.  You're saying SIGN ME UP, right? =)

Well, it wasn't near as much fun as one would expect.  Honestly it was disgusting.  I came off a weekend away where I ate nothing but steak and Tex Mex.  That part was quite yummy.  So I returned on Monday to my 2 days of gorging.  Tuesday and Wednesday.  Those days I ate Taco Bell, Wendy's, the greasiest thing I could find from our local pub and a whole pint (in one sitting!) of my favorite ice cream.  It started out YUM but half way through I was forcing myself to get it down.  That's a lot of double chocolate chip.

So after 2 days of total gorge, I jumped in with 2 feet and today is technically day 3 (not counting 2 gorge days) and I'm down 3 pounds!  Ah yea!  I'm pretty psyched about 3 pounds in 2 days since it took me 2 years to shed 6 pounds at the gym.  If you are interested in this protocol let me know and I'll message you privately.  I've already heard from a few blog friends so stop by and say hi!

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  1. I'm curious about this! Dieting is not my thing, either -- I have been trying to make small changes that I intend to try to maintain indefinitely, just to be healthier and stabilize my blood sugar. (Because that should help my moods, which I need since I'm weaning off my crazy pills.)

    I need to shed a few pounds of fat because I've got a belly, and combined with my very weak abs, I look like I'm pregnant unless I suck in REALLY HARD. And I hate that.