Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Could it have really happened?  Did we really just survive another school year?  Yippee!  I feel like a kid again as my kids finish their Kindergarten year!  Blessings of blessings!  It's over. 

I was thrilled to put my kids on the bus this year.  A little nostalgic over everything we had been through together throughout their first 5 years of life but so thrilled for them to move on in life and learn, grow and make friends.  Well, all of those things happened this year and it's finally time to celebrate and enjoy the  Summer.

I did not anticipate how stressful this school year would be logistically.  I'm so done driving people places and racing from one thing to the next.  From what I hear this has only just begun but I'm thankful half-day Kindergarten is over. Per state regulations Little Dude will be full day.  Even though this is Ventalicious I won't go into my opinions on that one.  Let's just say I prefer my kids to be home with me as long as possible but if anyone has to do full day Kinder it should be Little Dude.  He should be ready by then...and I will be too.

Now I'm off to make my Summer Bucket List.  What's on yours?

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