Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The World According to LIttle Dude

Little Dude is all about the world lately.  Everything he says has to do with blah blah blah the whole waulld. (world).  Yesterday after seeing the neighbor's new driveway, "Dat id da most booothifulist dwiveway in da whau waulld". 

Translation:  That is the most beautiful driveway in the whole world.

Referring to the weather, he said, "Doday id da most bootifulist day in da whole wauld"

Translation:  Today is the most beautiful day in the whole world.

And the one I'm considering an early mother's day gift, "Mommy u da bootifulist Mommy in da whau waulld".

Translation:  Mommy, you are the most beautiful Mommy in the whole world.

Little Dude may be a pain in my gluteous maximus but he's worth it.

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