Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grumpy is Down! was bad! Grumpy...I mean Little Dude was once again in rare form. It's not rare form when it happens this often. It was my experience with the twins that at about 3.5 years, they chilled and I was able to speak reason with them. Not Little Dude. He is stubborn.

Take today. Against my better judgment I decided to take the trio to a local store that is also a playground. It sells playground equipment and there are at least 15 playsets and 2 trampolines as well as a few basketball courts. This should be any child's dreamland. I told them if they brought a quarter from their OWN piggy bank, they could buy a gumball on the way out. I thought this was a good plan since they continually BEG for these and I refuse to spend money like that. Needless...but well placed by the establishment because you have to pass this candy machine on the way in AND out.

Little Dude was picking fights with his bro and sis all morning. I should have nipped it in the bud when we were home by canceling the outing. I hate to punish the other two when one is out of sorts so I continued as planned, knowing Little Dude was a little tumultuous.

We arrive and we have 45 minutes of free play left. Perfect since I can barely sit still that long. I didn't even see Little Dude for the first 30 minutes. The place is large, quite secure and I stood near the exit...don't call CPS on me. So, the first 30 minutes were peaceful (minus the 850 million other kids there screaming their heads off). Little Dude eventually reared his super cute (and sometimes evil) head and ick. It was bad. He started screaming because he got kicked out of the trampoline line for not waiting his turn. For his behavior I put him in timeout where he screamed like a banshee (causing every mom in the place to turn and give me the evil eye) and then he starts hitting me because he doesn't want to be in timeout.

I grabbed the possessed child, kicking and screaming, and I drag him out of the store. He was mad...and I was madder. (I know, not a word). He was scolded and told that he would have to forgo the rest of playtime, to which he promptly apologized. We make up and go inside. He asks for his gumball, I tell him he needs to wait til the end and he starts hitting me again. This hitting thing is pretty new by the way...not acceptable, obviously and it TICKS me off. So disrespectful. At this point he loses all gumball privileges.

His head then begins to spin around on its axis like the exorcist. It wasn't pretty. He screamed the whole way home and I put him in his room. From there he screamed for 20 more before he finally stopped. I let him out for lunch, on the condition that he take a nap afterward.

After spilling $8 worth of real maple syrup (oh, I was ticked...and while I was downstairs looking for rags to clean it up because it would have taken a whole roll of paper towels) I had inadvertently set the microwave to 4 minutes instead of 40 seconds. I mutilated a pancake and the plastic on which the pancake was sitting started melting and huge fumes of smoke were flowing throughout my kitchen. I was alerted to this fact by the beeping of my fire alarm. After all of this, there was not a peep from Little Dude. He went straight to his room and fell asleep quickly. Even Little Dude knows when he shouldn't mess with Mommy.

What a day.

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