Monday, May 10, 2010

This is where I profusely thank the makers of Google...

What did moms do before I Phones?  I get insane questions thrown at me by my kids all the time.  Mostly I make up the answers.  Like today.  Little Dude asked, "Mom, Vhat collyer is a erthquake?"  (What color is an earthquake?)
How the heck do you answer that one?  I don't even remember my was something insufficient to him, I'm sure.

After that came (from the way way back of the van) "Mom, what causes an earthquake?"  Well, kids...

I pull out my trusty Android and google like crazy.  Voila.  The answer to their question and the kids think I'm a genius.  And I am, right?  Um...but I still don't really understand the whole earthquake thing.  Maybe they can teach me when they hit 2nd grade geology. 

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