Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Every Dumpster a Bathroom?

Little Dude has a very mature bladder.  He potty trained himself at 26(ish) months.  He's never looked back since then.  He can hold it for longer than anyone I've ever met.  He's Guinness Book worthy.  (Before you get jealous please know that I spent 2 years potty training Boy Wondertwin and he still has issues from time to time).  Today he announces in a stressed voice, "Mommy, I gots to pee pee white dis minute".  We were driving down the highway and had JUST left the elementary school.  Ugh.

I pulled off the highway into a business park and found a dumpster.  Parked next to it,  Little Dude says, "Mommy, do we always go pee pee here?  I never go'd here before".  After relieving himself on the dumpster he says, "Mommy, we gonna come back here and pee pee again?"

Ha!  No, not if we can help it Little Dude. 

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