Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I did on Mother's Day/12 Anniversary

This happens sometimes.  Every 6 years or so in fact.  Our anniversary lands on Mother's Day.  It wasn't a big deal for the first 6 years but somehow now I'm getting the shaft.  Most (unselfish) moms wouldn't be phased but of course I am.  I wouldn't mind an extra day of the year that allows for extra sleep, lots of chocolate and some free (kidless) time with hubby.  Wouldn't we all love a day like that?

I really can't complain.  Today we went to church, hit the grocery (ok, I can complain about that part, right?), I cooked for my mom and family, and then J and I went to see Ironman 2.  Yep.  A real, adult ( it's marvel comics but it's good!) movie at 7 o'clock at night WITHOUT kids.

I can't even think of the last time we did that.  I'd say it was a perfect mother dayversary...wouldn't you?

Now, only if I could have another...

UPDATED:  A special thanks to hubby for making it a great day.  I love him dearly.

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