Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twitts, Tweats and Trends

Somebody bring me into the 21st century please.  I really thought I was pretty with it.  I blog, I text, I Facebook and update.  If someone had said any of these words to me 5 years ago I wouldn't have understood a thing. I try it stay within the times.  I don't want to be my MIL who is just now getting online...although kudos to her.  If only she'd get an email account.  That sure would make life easier.  But really, I want to be an old lady who knows what's going on in the world.  I give credit to my mom in that way.  She's not the hippest thing (another day I'll blog about all of her teenage tendencies despite the fact she's in her 7th decade) but she stays with the times.

Here's where I'm lacking.  I really don't get this silly Twitter thing. I've tried and tried.  I've had an account for 2 yearsish and I just don't get it.  At first I thought it was like the whole Facebook status update thing and why would you need two of those?  It seemed redundant.  Now I'm seeing that in a very scary way, Twitter is where many under 30's are getting their news.  Their freaking NEWS is coming from Twitter. 

Although Twitter is social, it's not purely social and seems to even trend more toward news (events in the world) than social interaction...although everything is social these days.  Basically Twitter seems to be a way to hide behind a handle and say whatever the heck you want...and the more vague and surreal, the better. 

Here's a link to Twitter's Trends of the Week.  Tell me if you understand any of this...and who knew Korea had rock bands.


  1. Look, I just found out who Justin Beiber is...the rest of that???!!! Super Junior might as well be Korean for all I know or care. While I don't want to be like my mother (isn't using an ATM a self taught skill?) I don't care to be the hip mom either.

    I tweet 'twit' something, but, like you, I have a hard time getting into it.

    Tell me something about Facebook though (and I do love me some FB) but, what the heck is the purpose of a 'poke?'

  2. Ya got me, Viv. Pokes must be for the old people b/c my mom pokes me all the time. is one supposed to respond to a poke? It seems just a little um, wrong.