Monday, May 24, 2010

HCG Anyone?

Do any of you have experience with a diet plan that involves taking HCG orally or via shot?  It's all the rage, or so they say.  I know of someone who has been on the plan for 3 weeks now and has lost 15 pounds.
I don't know how I feel about HCG...I haven't done the research but if I lost 15 pounds (which I think might be physically impossible at this point) I'd be back to my pre-marriage weight...we're talking age 21 weight.
So, maybe the weight loss is relative to the person and not a promised X amount of weight.
What does concern me is the damage that carrying twins and then my 9 plus pound singleton did to my abs and skin.  Pretty sure no amount of HCG could fix that...
Maybe what I should be asking is...does anyone have experience with miracle worker doctors who can nip and tuck...for free?

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