Friday, May 28, 2010

He lost his EYE!

I have to post this.  I don't know if the humor will transfer to blog or not but in reality this was quite funny.
I was at the elementary for artist in the schools day or whatever they call it.
The Kindergarteners were studying Dale Chihuly.  He is an amazing artist who blows glass to create a really interesting and unique affect.  We have a lot of his art in our town and here he seems quite popular.

The Kindergarteners were told about Chihuly's life and how he was in an accident many years ago.  Through this accident he "lost his eye" and was still able to create his awesome works with one eye.  Immediately hands went UP!  The lecturer (for lack of a better word) addressed one of the raised hands.  Of course (you can probably guess) the child said, "Well, did they find his eye?"  Ha!  Every adult in the room started laughing while every kindergarten eye was on the lecturer...waiting to find out the answer.  It's funny when you don't work with Kindergarteners you forget how literal they really are.  The lecturer tried to explain that his eye wasn't "lost" but that it no longer worked.

Even at the end of the "learning time" the kids were still quite worried about his eye.  Hopefully they don't go home asking their parents about Chihuly's eye.  There will be many confused parents.  If you get a minute check out his website because he really is talented.  I'll post a picture of the kindergarten "work of art".  It really does look like Chihuly's works...minus the glass.  We used clear plastic tubing instead.  Blown glass probably wouldn't have been the wisest choice with 5-7 year olds! =)

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