Friday, May 14, 2010

Conservative Texas Hubby Turns Socialist

Silly Bandz HELL has hit our home. Sorry. I don't mean profanity, I mean the place...and it has spread to our home. I'm wishing those things were non-existent. Some kind child or two passed a few (okay, like 20) Silly Bandz on to my twins. Sounds generous, right?

Not two minutes after my kids crossed my threshold, Little Dude was BAWLING, screaming and making all kinds of atrocious noises that words won't correctly portray. Not just Little Dude. The twins were fighting over who gave what to who and if one was willing to trade for another.

AHHH! (Insert Calgon Take Me AWAY commercial here).

Silly Bandz War 1.o was still raging when hubby got home. He couldn't handle the noise anymore and demanded that Girl Wondertwin pass off several of her Silly Bandz onto Boy Wondertwin and Little Dude. He said, "It's only fair. If you have 12 and they have 2, you should share." Okay Karl Marx.

I presented to him the irony that in real life he's all about conservatism and capitalism but under out own roof it's "from each as he is able, to each as he has need" (not a direct quote b/c I'm too lazy to google it). His defense was that our home is a dictatorship and not a democracy. Therefore, we live in a way that keeps peace among the troops.

I found the irony hilarious though as he's been railing against the socialist direction of our government but enforcing socialism under our roof. Good for my capitalist daughter, right? She has the social skills to talk other 6 year olds out of their favorite Silly Bandz. Tough luck to the other two if they can't finagle the going currency out of their own friends. Go capitalism.

Speaking of which, who is the evil one behind these freaking Silly Bandz? I need to have words. Now.

For fun, here is a quote from the Silly Bandz site:
"Thank you Brainchild Products for offering such a great product and customer service! I purchased the Zoo animal pack on a whim for my son for his birthday. He took them to school and they were all the rage! Kids are going crazy over these. Since then the school store has picked them up and they can't keep them in stock. The booster club just placed an order too!"
Sara Jessica from Nebraska City, NE

Really?  Because around here every school is banning these insanity producing things.  Parents, if your kids haven't caught on to these things yet, avoid them at ALL costs!

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