Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Story Time Anyone?

I tend to make things up.  A lot of things, really.  Not lying.  I hate lying. But I think, in my head, I try to explain things around me.  Maybe they are right, maybe they aren't. They're subjective things so it can't be proven one way or another.

I'm not the only one who does this.  When we moved into our first house, back in the Dallas days, our neighbors across the street were moving in too.  My in laws decided they were mormons.  Generally speaking, there really isn't a certain "dress code" for Mormons, right?  Muslims where their head garb and Jewish people might wear a "cap" but Mormons?  After inquiring (and I always wish I hadn't) my mother in law goes on to convince me that these new neighbors have to be Mormons because they have a lot of kids. Well, it turns out that "all of those kids" happened to belong to the families that were helping this couple move.  They didn't even have kids at all.

My sister in law and her husband are masters at making things up.  The best was when they decided that their old middle school principal was gay.  They had so many reasons for this.  The most prominent one was because he spent a lot of time at the gym and shave his arms and legs.  Turns out he got married a few years later. Ha. 

I have more to say but these little banshees are begging for milk.  How dare they demand so much.

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  1. I love doing this! Especially on long car trips, I like to observe the body language of the people in the vehicles around us, and make up stories about what their story is.