Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yep. It's that time of year again. Soccer season just ended on Saturday and Tball started on Monday. They don't give you much of a break. I've become a taxi driver. Up until now I've been pretty good at lining things up that all 3 (or at least 2) of my kids can do together.

Tball seems to be a mostly boys sport and there are no girls on the team, much to my daughter's dismay. I really think we're asking a lot of these little people. Baseball takes so much coordination. It's gonna be a scary season, I think. Entertaining of course.

This post isn't as much about Tball as it is helping your child find their niche in life. Of course 5 might be a little early to find your calling but every person wants something that they are good at. Things come easy to my daughter and if she struggles with something, she sticks with it. Her twin brother is the opposite. If things don't go well the first time around, he won't try it again. Practice makes perfect is the mantra around here but he's isn't about to believe it.

He played (and I use that term loosely) soccer for 2 seasons before he decided to hang up his shin guards at the ripe old age of 5. No more soccer, according to him. As a parent, do you let them give up so early or push them, realizing that you may make things worse? I'm not stressing at this point. I'm sure he'll go back to soccer when he finds out he actually has to practice other sports too.

As a parent, I want my kids to be successful and I hate to see them be disappointed. Of course this is a part of life though so I guess we'll just keep trying til he find the sport, or instrument, or art or whatever it is that he is good at. My job is to see him grow up into a man who loves God, loves his wife/family, and serves his fellow man. Hopefully along the way he has some success and finds his niche in life. Either way, age 5 is probably a little too early to start worrying about it! =)

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