Friday, May 29, 2009

How Long Must We Sing This Song...

I kid you not. For 22 straight minutes my youngest son, Little Dude, threw a conniption. I decided to time his fit because, well, why not. He was going to scream and cry anyway so why not have my own little experiment.

We ate lunch at a friend's house (a no nap day) and told the kids we'd go to the "bunny park" after lunch. It's a spray ground and we haven't been able to visit it yet since the warm weather arrived. Sadly, it was still kind of chilly after lunch so without telling the kids, we decided to forgo the bunny park. Apparently Little Dude didn't get the memo. He fell asleep on the way home from our friends' house and I had to wake him up and drag him out of his car seat.

Crabby, he stumbled into the house. Realizing that he was home and not at the bunny park, he threw himself to the ground and proceeded to SCREAM for 22 minutes. "Me go to Bunny Park" "Me want to go to Bunny Park"...over and over and over in a mind-numbing way.

Finally after 22 minutes, he picked himself up off the carpet and dragged his tired, fussy body up the stairs and away from me. With every step, he whimpered, "Me go to Bunny Park". Just shoot me now.

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  1. Poor baby... I hate when things like that happen. The kids' tantrums drive me out of my gourd, but I hate when they are disappointed because they had their heart set on something that fell through.