Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Dude's Black Eye

I heard SCREAMING coming from outside our home. I stepped outside onto the deck to see BoyWondertwin with a plastic Little Tykes chair in his hands, raised above his head. He was about to take ANOTHER swing at Little Dude. I stepped in just in time before possible tragedy struck.

Poor Little Dude! He was visibly disturbed and I wasn't sure my ear drums would be the same after this incident as he wailed in my ear. I brought him inside to see what happened. The poor dude has a black eye, his very first. Not bad considering he's 3 and has a big brother, right? Since black eyes take a few days to reach their ultimate potential, I'm waiting a day or two for good pictures. I'll post soon but if you scroll down to the crib post, you can see that his left eye has a little color to it.


  1. I just love you remind me that my kiddos are normal, and that is so cool! I hope your little guy is doing okay.

    My little man got his first black eye a couple of days before our Christmas picture, and then in the waiting room he fell off the stool and cut the same eye. His eye is a black bloody mess in the pictures and the moment is forever preserved. Makes his cast in the Easter pictures look good.

  2. That's awesome Viv. I'm sure it was NOT awesome at the time but it's a memory. That's what raising kids is all about!