Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Overheard in the bathtub....

So I'm hiding out on my blog while my 3 children "bathe themselves". Keep in mind the twins are 5 (aka GWT and BWT) and 3 (aka Little Dude) so really no cleaning is going on. More like making a mess, I'm sure. I'll regret my absence in 10 minutes but right now the computer feels like a much safer place to be.

As I'm typing I hear,
Girl WonderTwin (GWT): Little Dude, can you do me a favor?
Little Dude: Uh Huh!
GWT: Can you stop peeing in the bathtub?
Little Dude: Uh Huh!
GWT: Thanks.

Then they went about their business of making a mess...I mean getting clean.
I better get in there.

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