Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Controversial Post

Let me start out by saying my laptop is not functioning due to a dead battery. This means I have to venture into the lower level to work or blog. Lately I've been waiting til my husband returns home with his laptop. I hate it when technology doesn't function properly. That explains my sporadic posting as of late.

Now on to the controversy. Gay marriage. It's all over the news right now as state after state denies gay marriage or amends it. I've been trying to figure out where I stand on this issue. Around 60% of Americans reportedly oppose it, even liberal Obama opposes it so I suppose it's still culturally acceptable to be against it.

Here is my issue. I know that as a "Christian" I'm supposed to fight gay marriage because it is not condoned in the Bible. In fact men with men/women with women is literally an abomination as Romans chapter one calls it "unnatural". I tend to agree with the unnatural part. There would be nothing natural about it for me. I don't even know how that works...that's for another post though. And not one posted by me!

So, I toil with "I'm supposed to be against it" morally and culturally. I'm not sure I am though. I believe that a true marriage is between one man and one woman forever. Seriously though, how many people embrace that view these days? The "new" phenomenon is 7 year marriages. That means you sign a contract that you will be together for X amount of time with an option to re-sign after a certain number of years. Like an apartment lease I guess.

My point is that our culture does not honor marriage in any form. We no longer see it as sacred but convenient. If heterosexual couples are not honoring their vows why do we recognize their marriage? I've seen a few people get married where I thought, "Someone stop them RIGHT now. This is not going to end well." And guess what? It didn't.

So why do we act all high and mighty and decide who can and cannot get married? Do I want to explain to my children what a husband and husband is? No, not really. Do I want to explain what a divorce is? No. Sin is hard to explain, especially to a child. I guess I'm somewhat indifferent to this subject. Our culture is not living up to God's standards in any way, shape or form so why impose these cultural morals on people who don't want to live as others want them to? Really, if we're not going to use the Bible as our moral compass (which our culture does not) then why live by a cultural compass?

The slippery slope effect is an interesting argument. If a man can marry another man then why not marry a tree? Apparently this is happening. A woman was on CNN marrying the Eiffel Tower. She said she loved it. In 2009 we would think about having this woman committed but possibly in 30 years this might be acceptable? It's an interesting world we live in.

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